Viking Rings

We are guilty of viewing the Vikings as bloodthirsty killers and their lust for carnage is certainly not overstated. As well as being warriors, Vikings were also skilled craftsmen and traders. You may also not be aware of the fact that the Vikings also took a great deal of pride in their appearance despite some biased contemporary reports to the contrary. At Wood Quay, combs were found amongst the artefacts suggesting that personal grooming was very much part of the Viking way of life! Another important aspect of Viking life was jewelry as it was a representation of status, wealth and power.
The wearing of lavish bangles, rings and earrings were a means of showing one’s wealth with the material used to create the jewelry an indication of where a person stood in Viking society. Those further down the societal chain wore bronze and pewter items whereas the Viking elite wore gold and silver, much like people do today!
Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a great selection of Viking Rings that are perfect for crafting a stylish look. These Nordic rings feature intricate details such as Viking knotwork and runes, as well as elements drawn from Norse mythology. Several of our pieces are replicas of authentic rings found in historical burial sites and treasure hoards. The designs and sizes in this category suit both men and women well. These Scandinavian rings are carefully crafted from a variety of materials including pewter, sterling silver, and gold plating, giving you a number of great options for your look.
Showing off many different designs suitable for men and women, the Viking rings here at Dark Knight Armoury make a great choice for adding a touch of Viking style to your outfit! We provide a number of different pieces including runic rings and several replicas of rings found at historic burial sites and treasure hoards, as well as rings with designs influenced by Norse mythology and Viking culture. Crafted from high quality metals, certain Norse rings feature shimmering gemstones as an eye-catching accent. Whether you are looking for a piece for a Viking costume or a daily outfit, you can be sure to discover stunning pieces of Viking jewelry here in this category.